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07 Jun 2018

OPEC launches 2018 Annual Statistical Bulletin

The OPEC Secretariat has announced the release of the 53rd edition of the Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB). This year’s ASB provides updated statistical data on the oil and natural gas activities of each of OPEC’s 14 Member Countries: Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. As in previous years, it also contains valuable industry data for various countries around the world, organized mainly by geographic region, and covers the world’s major economic areas.

Some highlights from the 2018 ASB include:

The ASB provides a wide range of data on the oil and gas industry worldwide. It specifically provides detailed and comprehensive time-series data on many different aspects of the global petroleum industry, including production, demand, imports and exports, as well as exploration, production and transportation activities. The ASB serves as an important source of reliable information for research analysts and academics, as well as policymakers and other industry stakeholders.

To download the PDF version of the 2018 ASB, please visit the OPEC website: http://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/publications/202.htm.

The interactive version of the ASB – as well as the ASB Smart App, which enables the download of complete time-series data back to 1960 – can be accessed under:  http://asb.opec.org.